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Valorisation is a concept which is now widely used and accepted in the European educational and training community. It can be described as the process of disseminating and exploiting the results of projects with a view to optimising their value, strengthening their impact, transferring them, integrating them in a sustainable way and using them actively in systems and practices at local, regional, national and European levels. Among the activities by KdVI which can be considered as valorisation, the following stand out.

Photograph Michel Mandjes
Photo: Bob Bronshoff

SURFnet project for Prof. Michel Mandjes

KdVI has signed a contract to perform research for SURFnet, the provider of the Dutch academic high speed network. This project will focus on the development of mathematical methods that support design and management of this network, and will extensively rely on novel probabilistic and statistical techniques. A post-doc at KdVI is working half-time on this project, with Michel Mandjes playing a supervising role.

For more information contact Michel Mandjes


Photograph Jan van de Craats

Prof. Jan van de Craats

Jan van de Craats, who has a part-time guest affiliation as professor emeritus Mathematics and Society with KdVI, is one of the forerunners in popularizing mathematics outside academia. In recent years he played an important role in initiatives to restore technical math abilities in the curriculum of Dutch high schools and elementary schools.

For further information (in Dutch) see the homepage of Jan van de Craats, his page about the Resonansgroep, and the website of the Stichting Goed Rekenonderwijs.