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Sustainable Logistics Grant for Sindo Nunez Queija and Neil Walton

7 September 2014

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded the grants within the theme Sustainable Logistics. Dynafloat, the project of which Sindo Nunez Queija and Neil Walton (KdVI) are co-applicants, is one of the eight projects awarded.

The objective of the Sustainable Logistics programme of NWO is to develop, share and apply new knowledge that is necessary for the vitality of the Dutch logistics sector in the medium to long term. 


The Dynafloat project was awarded a grant. This project will be carried out by a consortium consisting of UT, CWI, VU, UvA and TU/e. Sindo Nunez Queija and Neil Walton are the participants from UvA - KdVI. 

Efficient use

The Dynafloat project addresses the main challenges of the efficient use of available infrastructure in a time of growing urbanisation.  This proposal focuses on logistics and mobility, and seeks to reconcile economic, social and ecological objectives. That is: transport and logistics should be maximally efficient, with minimum delay and limited adverse environmental effects (carbon and particle emission, noise).


Published by  Korteweg de Vries Institute