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NWO Grant for Daan Crommelin, Harry van Zanten and Michiel Mandjes

9 December 2014

Prof. Daan Crommelin (UvA and CWI), Prof. Harry van Zanten (UvA) and prof. Michel Mandjes (UvA) received a grant in the NWO programme Mathematics of Planet Earth.

In 2013 more than 120 mathematics institutes put effort in an international initiative under the UNESCO flag called Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013. This global initiative shows the meaning of mathematics for the challenges we are facing regarding climate change, sustainability, natural disasters, ecology, biodiversity and epidemiology.

Following this initiative NWO-Physical Sciences initiated a research program Mathematics of Planet Earth. This program aims to stimulate mathematical research that contributes to a better understanding of essential dynamics and uncertainty of earth systems.

Crommelin, Van Zanten and Mandjes will appoint a PhD student on their project “Rare Event Simulation for Climate Extremes”

Published by  Korteweg de Vries Institute