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KdVI Teaching Awards 2015

1 July 2015

On Thursday, 25 June 2015 the KdVI-Teaching Awards have been awarded for the first time. The prizes handed to the best lecturer and the best assistant-teacher consisted of gold-plated chalks with their names engraved.

The nominated candidates for this award were:

  • Jan Brandts, Gerard van der Geer, Gerrit Oomens, Han Peters (lecturers) 
  • Josha Box, Marcelo Goncalves de Martino, Freek Witteveen (assistant-teachers)

The winners chosen from these candidates were Han Peters and Freek Witteveen.

In the motivations given by the students for these nominations, Han Peters was described as ‘a lecturer who knows how to captivate his students with his varied and interactive mathematics lectures, often illustrated by clear pictures. His lectures are well prepared,  with room for feedback and classical discussion. So a fantastic lecturer’.
Freek Witteveen was characterized as ‘Best and ultimate assistant-teacher I ever had’. ‘He gives good tips, is very patient, is always positive and knows how to explain the most difficult things in an intelligible way.  Apart from that he shows great personal interest in his students’.

With the KdVI Teaching Awards the Teaching Commission and students express their appreciation for teachers who excel in their educational tasks. Moreover this award highlights the option of becoming a teacher to the students and in this way stimulates good education and strong commitment of students to education. 

Teaching Awards

Photo: UvA

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