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prof. dr. N.D. (Nanci) Adler

Herinnering, geschiedenis en recht in relatie tot regimewisselingen (leerstoel in samenwerking met het NIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs,- Holocaust- en Genocidestudies)
  • Faculty of Humanities
    Capaciteitsgroep Geschiedenis
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    P.C. Hoofthuis
    Spuistraat 134  
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    1012 VB  Amsterdam
  • n.d.adler@uva.nl

Peer-reviewed books, or contributions to books

  • Adler, Nanci, ed. Understanding the Age of Transitional Justice: Crimes, Courts, Commissions, and Chronicling. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2018.
  • Adler, Nanci. “On History, Historians, and Transitional Justice,” in Adler, Nanci, ed. Understanding the Age of Transitional Justice. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2018.
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  • Adler, Nanci, “Communism’s Compelling Grasp, “ in: Karlsson, Klas-Göran, Stenfeldt, Johan &  Zander, Ulf, eds., COMNAZ: Perspectives on the Entangled Histories of Communism and National Socialism. Maryland: Lexington Books, 2015.
  • Adler, Nanci. “Rehabilitation of the Soviet Past,” in Parmentier, Stephan, Czarnota, Adam, eds., Rule of Law and Institution Design Antwerp: Intersentia, (forthcoming).
  • Adler, Nanci. Keeping Faith with the Party: Communist Believers Return from the Gulag. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2012.
  • Adler, Nanci, Leydesdorff, Selma, eds. Tapestry of Memory: Evidence and Testimony in Life Story Narratives. New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 2013. 
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  • Adler, Nanci. "The Return of the Repressed: Survival after the Gulag," in Bertraux, Daniel, Thompson, 
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  • Adler, Nanci. ed. “Introduction,” Genocide and Accountability. Amsterdam: Vossiuspers, 2003.
  • Adler, Nanci. "In Search of Identity: The Collapse of the Soviet Union and Recreating Russia," in Aguilar, Paloma, et.al., eds., The Politics of Memory: Transitional Justice in Democratizing Societies. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.
  • Adler, Nanci. Victims of Soviet Terror: The Story of the Memorial Movement. Westport: Praeger, 1993.

Translated work

  • Adler, Nanci. Sokhraniaia Vernost Partii. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2013.
  • Adler, Nanci. “Osobennosti issledovatel’skoi raboty nad biografiiami zhertv Stalinizma,” Istoriia Stalinizma. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2011.
  • Adler, Nanci. “Kommunizm vnutri: o vernosti partii do, vo vremia i posle GULAGa” Repressirovannaia Rossiiskaia Provintsiia. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2011.
  • Adler, Nanci. Overleven na de Goelag. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Contact, 2006.
  • Adler, Nanci. Preziveli iz Gulaga: S one strane sovjetskog sistema. Belgrad: Beogradski krug, 2005.
  • Adler, Nanci. Vyzhivshie v GULAG. Moscow: “Zven’ia”, Memorial, 2005.
  • Adler, Nanci. “En busca de una identidad: el derrumbamiento de la Unión Soviética y la recreación de Rusia, in Barahona de Brito, Alexandra,et.al, eds.., Las políticas hacia el pasado: Juicios, depuraciones, perdón y olvido en las nuevas democracias. Madrid, ISTMO, 2002.

International peer-reviewed journals

  •  Adler, Nanci, Üngör, Uğur Ümit. “Epilogue: Indonesia in the Global Context of Genocide and Transitional Justice,” Journal of Genocide Research 19, 3 (2017).
  • Adler, Nanci, “Communism’s ‘Bright Past’: Loyalty to the Party despite the Gulag,”, in Faces and Traces of Violence: Memory Politics in Global Perspective, Culture and History Digital Journal. 3, 3 (2014): e015.
  • Adler, Nanci. “The ‘Bright Past’, or Whose (Hi)story? Challenges in Russia and Serbia Today." Philosophy and Society, XXIII, 4 (2012): 119-138.
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  • Adler, Nanci, Gluzman, Semyon.“Pytka Psykhiatriei.” Obozrenie Psikhiatrii i Meditsinskoi Psikhologii Imeni V.M. Bekhtereva 3 (1992): 138-152.
  • Adler, Nanci. “Oral History in the Soviet Union: Bearing Witness to A Story that Should Not Die with the Witnesses.” Tijdschrift voor Theoretische Geschiedenis Themanummer Rusland, 19 (1993): 449-456.


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  • Adler, N. (2012). Keeping faith with the Party: Communist believers return from the Gulag. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. [details] 


  • Adler, N. (2011). [Review of: M. Nalepa (2010) Skeletons in the closet: transitional justice in post-Communist Europe; L. Stan (2009) Transitional justice in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union: reckoning with the Communist past]. International Journal of Transitional Justice, 5(2), 313-318. DOI: 10.1093/ijtj/ijr005  [details] 


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  • Bouwknegt, T. B. (2017). Cross-examining the past: Transitional justice, mass atrocity trials and history in Africa [details] 
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  • NIOD Institute for War.
    Directeur Onderzoek, Hoofd Holocaust en Genocidestudies

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