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dr. A.E. (Alexandra) Brown

  • Amsterdam University College
  • Visiting address
    Science Park AUC
    Science Park 113  
  • Postal address:
    Science Park  113
    1098 XG  Amsterdam
  • A.E.Brown@uva.nl

Alexandra Brown teaches at the Amsterdam University College (AUC), in the Culture and Media tracks of the Humanities major. Her interdisciplinary background integrates cultural studies, religious studies, media studies and anthropology. Her research focuses on the intersection of globalisation, emotion and popular culture. In affiliation with Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, her current research investigates discourse and practice in the recent proliferation of yoga practices worldwide. Alexandra received her PhD from McMaster University in 2012. Her dissertation, "Visualizing Uncertainty: Opposition to Islam in the Netherlands through the Lens of Fitna: The Movie" addresses the emotional texture and visual manifestation of Islamophobia in the Dutch context. Alexandra has previously worked as a fellow with the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World, as well as supplementing her academic activities working with NGOs such as the World Wildlife Fund.

  • No ancillary activities

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