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Faculty of Science offers six tenure track positions for women in science

18 December 2018

The Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam has opened a new round of the MacGillavry Fellowship, the recruitment programme for talented female scientists. There are six tenure track positions available for women working in the fields of astronomy, informatics, biodiversity and Earth sciences, physics, mathematics, life sciences or chemistry.

The Faculty of Science attaches great importance to the contribution of female scientists in research and education. Therefore, the Faculty is continuing the recruitment programme for talented women. The programme is named after the ground breaking crystallographer Carolina MacGillavry (1904-1993), who was professor at the University of Amsterdam from 1950 until her retirement in 1972.

For this fellowship, the Faculty of Science is looking for women with a strong track record in one of the Faculty's disciplines, who have the ambition to obtain a leadership position as professor at the University of Amsterdam. Application for the programme is now open; the deadline is 4 February 2019.

Previous rounds

This is the third round of the MacGillavry Fellowship. In 2010, three tenure track positions were created and another six fellowships were awarded in 2013.

Published by  Faculty of Science