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Miranda Cheng in the spotlights with Umbral Moonshine theory

In the past months, Miranda Cheng (KdVI and IoP) got a lot of attention on her Umbral Moonshine theory. Her discovery led to an ERC Grant, and an interview in the NRC. The French newspaper "Le Monde" also dedicated an article to this subject.

Miranda Cheng

The word  moonshine, when used in mathematics, refers to an unexpected relation between two very different mathematical structures.

In 2013, a new and fascinating moonshine relation - named  umbral moonshine - was discovered by Miranda C. N. Cheng together with her collaborators J. Duncan and J. Harvey. 

In December 2014 Miranda Cheng received an ERC starting grant for her project 'Moonshine and String Theory'. With the grant, Miranda will be able to further explore the mysterious 'moonshine relation' in the context of string theory.

Saturday 21 February 2015 the NRC Handelsblad payed attention to Miranda and her research and on Monday 12 January 2015  an article on this subject appeared in the French newspaper "Le Monde."

Article in NRC

Article in "Le Monde"