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Math & Society

At KdVI we see it as an important aspect of our mission to conduct fundamental mathematical research. The mathematical structures and techniques which have been created over time by such curiosity driven, conceptual research are without a doubt of essential importance for a multitude of achievements, developments and challenges in our modern society. The insights and results obtained in our fundamental research lines may certainly find their way into daily life, even if the time span is rather unpredictable.

Another important part of our mission is to directly engage in mathematical research questions emerging from applications and societal challenges. We are interested in opportunities to apply our skills and experience to help solve problems with a direct societal relevance. In some of our research lines (for instance in stochastics, statistics, and discrete mathematics) direct and immediate applications play an important role. Our valorisation efforts are focused on:

  • Collaborating with other disciplines.
  • Educating a new generation of mathematicians
  • Enabling the use of mathematics in society
  • Reaching out to society

Implicitly, KdVI makes an important contribution to society through the knowledge transfer in  our Bachelor’s-, Master’s- and PhD programmes. Many of our graduates and PhDs ultimately assume positions in industry, where they use the knowledge and skills acquired during their education, to find solutions to problems they encounter in their professional field.