Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics

Practical information about the Nikhef Building


The KdVI offices are accessible via the entrance of Nikhef, building F, no. 105-107 and are situated on the 3rd floor.

The Nikhef reception is open from 8:30 to 17:00. Telephone number: 020-592.2000.

The building is open until 19:00 and you can enter and leave the building via the main entrance using the procedure described below.


KDVI (Staff, PhDs, Postdocs and Masterstudents)

To enter the building you need a “drop key” .

To enter your room you need to use your UvA pass.

New staff members will receive a visitor’s pass until their official UvA pass will be ready (see FNWI-website for the procedure to order this UvA pass) as well as a drop key.



Guests need to sign themselves in at the reception downstairs. They will receive a visitor’s pass, which can be ordered by the host at the KdVI secretariat.

In case you encounter problems at the reception desk, please ask them to call the KdVI secretariat, telephone number 525.5217/525.5091.



If you need to stay/be in the building after 19:00, this should be reported to security (tel. 020-592.6060 or email: Beveiliging.Amsterdam@vancis.nl) before 19:00. Security will register your name and card number, which is important to secure efficient service and aid in case of emergencies.

To enter the premises after office hours you need to check in with your drop key at the gate (scan the key on the device on the metal pillar outside the gate). The same procedure goes for the entrance door (Nikhef main entrance): scan the drop key on the device next to the door.

You will be registered by security.

When leaving the premises, use your drop key again. You will automatically be checked out.



Loss of your UvA pass should be reported to the reception of FNWI (Science Park 904, 020-525.8626).

Loss of your drop key should be reported to the reception of Nikhef (Science Park 105-107); the reception will block the key. Loss of your drop key outside office hours should be reported to security.



Parking facilities for the KdVI  remain in front of the FNWI building, Science Park 904, on parking spot P3.



The CWI building offers canteen facilities. Pin and cash payments are accepted.




Reception Nikhef: 020-592.2000 / Email: receptie@nikhef.nl

Security: 020-592.6060 / Email: Beveiliging.Amsterdam@vancis.nl

Secretariat KDVI: 020-525.5217 / Email: secr-kdv-science@uva.nl of 020-525.5091 / Email: secr-kdv-science@uva.nl

Reception FNWI: 020-525.8626 / Email: receptive-wtcw-c@uva.nl


Published by  Korteweg de Vries Institute

4 November 2014