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Speaker: Dennis Dobler (VU Amsterdam)

Detail Summary
Date 15 May 2019
Time 16:00 - 16:45
Location Science Park 107


Survival of the fittest - but what does fitness mean?


How to quantify the superiority of one medical treatment over the other(s)? Direct comparisons could result in a rock-paper-scissors situation: treatment A beats treatment B, B beats C but C beats A. The popular Cox model resolves this by implementing a linear model on the hazard level. However, it is difficult to interpret the raw outcomes  of a Cox-analysis. As an alternative, we will consider relative effect measures which offer a meaningful quantification of treatment efficacy.

In the beginning, an introduction to classical survival analysis will be offered.

Parts of the talk involve a joint work with Markus Pauly (TU Dortmund).


KdVI meeting room, room F3.20

Science Park 107
Science Park 107

Science Park 107
1098 XG Amsterdam