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The huge importance of networks and the great mathematical aspects related to this subject are emphasized again by the fact that this year ‘Networks’ are the subject of the 70th Summer Course for mathematics teachers, which will be organized by Platform Wiskunde Nederland, in collaboration with NETWORKS. The course will take place on 26/27 August and 2/3 September 2016.

Image Networks

During this course lectures will be given about various mathematical aspects of networks: how to make good mathematical models of practical networks, how to analyze them, how to improve networks and how to optimize the use of them, for example in order to create time schedules for railway lines or how to find the shortest track to connect with all the province capitals in the Netherlands. The course will also involve stochastics and statistics as network-related skills.

The course is meant for high school teachers and teachers of schools for higher professional education and anyone else who is interested in the working of networks.


NETWORKS is a 10-year programme funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science through the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Prof. Michel Mandjes from the Korteweg – de Vries Institute for Mathematics is the leader of this project. The aim of the programme is to address the pressing challenges posed by large-scale networks with the help of stochastics and algorithmics. The focus is on modelling, understanding, controlling and optimizing networks that are complex and highly volatile.


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