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On Thursday, 23 June the Korteweg de Vries Institute -Teaching Awards were handed out to Lenny Taelman and Robben Riksen. Next to the honorable titles of ‘best lecturer’ and ‘best assistant teacher’ they received gold-plated chalks with their names engraved.

KdVI Teaching Award

In the motivations given by the students for this choice, Lenny Taelman was described as ‘being extremely clear in his explanations, making an effort that everybody understands the material, giving very structured well prepared lectures;  having a deep knowledge of mathematics and its history'. Moreover, he is `an intelligent lecturer with a clear passion for algebra'.

Robben Riksen was characterized as ‘being close to the students with whom he has a very good contact, actively helping them, emphasizing the fine points, explaining very well and not giving answers away but stimulates active thinking'. Also his clear use of the blackboard has been praised.

Other nominated candidates were: Jan Brandts, Gerrit Oomens, Jasper Stokman (lecturers), Bart Litjens and Lewis Zwart (assistant-teachers). The winners last year’s Teaching Award (Han Peters and Freek Witteveen) were reglementary excluded from being nominated.

Appreciation for good education

The KdVI-Teaching Awards were brought into being last year by the Teaching Commission and are meant for students to express their appreciation for teachers who excel in their educational tasks. Moreover this award highlights the option of becoming a teacher to the students and in this way stimulates good education and strong commitment of students to education.


KdVI Teaching Award