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During the coming two months a number of activities representing the theme art and mathematics will take place. A symposium and an exhibition about this theme named ‘Ars et Mathesis’ will be hosted by the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics. The ‘Platform Wiskunde Nederland’ will organise, in collaboration with UvA and VU, the travelling exhibition IMAGINARY.

Object-Rinus_Roelofs-Ars-et -Mathesis-2016
Photo: Rinus Roelofs

The Korteweg-de Vries Institute will be the host of Ars et Mathesis 2016. On 19 November 2016 the yearly symposium of Ars et Mathesis will take place at Science Park. In the weeks up to the symposium the exhibition ‘Ars et Mathesis’ is exposed in the central hall of Science Park 904. The main focus of the exhibition and the symposium are the many expressions issued from the interaction between Art (Ars) and Mathematics (Mathesis). This could be an art work issued from a mathematical basis or research on art through mathematics.


IMAGINARY is an interactive travelling exhibition organised by Platform Wiskunde Nederland in collaboration with UvA and VU. The exhibition displays the beauty of mathematics and comprises eye-catching mathematical visualisations, virtual realities, interactive programmes and 3D sculptures and their theoretical background from algebraic geometry.

IMAGINARY introduces mathematics in all its aspects to the larger public, but in particular to secondary school students and their teachers.