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The book ‘The Riemann Hypothesis: A Million Dollar Problem’ has been elected by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) as one of the best books on mathematics. On 13 January 2018 the authors Jan van de Craats and Roland van der Veen will receive the MAA Beckenbach Book Prize. Van de Craats is emeritus professor at Korteweg de Vries Institute, Roland van der Veen is assistant professor at Leiden University and is also a former employee of KdVI.

Photograph Jan van de Craats
Jan van de Craats. Photo: UvA
Book Rieman Hypothese vd Craats

Beckenbach Book Prize

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is one of the world’s largest communities of mathematicians, students, and enthousiasts. They accelerate the understanding of our world through mathematics. With the Beckenbach Book Prize they honour authors of distinguished, innovative books published by MAA Press.

'A masterful book '

‘Taking on one of the most famous open problems in mathematics, The Riemann Hypothesis: A Million Dollar Problem covers a challenging journey that many mathematicians would struggle to communicate concisely. Authors Van der Veen and Van de Craats have written a masterful book that is an effective introduction to a fascinating mathematical problem,’ the MAA conclude. Michael Pearson, executive director of the MAA, adds: ‘The MAA is proud to award the prestigious Beckenbach Book Prize to the creators behind this innovative work on the Riemann Hypothesis, which exemplifies the quality we strive for in MAA Publications.’

Van de Craats and Van der Veen will receive their prize on Saturday 13 January at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego, one of the world’s largest gatherings of mathematicians.