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On 6 April 2018 the 16th edition of ‘Leve de Wiskunde!’ took place at Science Park 904.

Games during Leve de Wiskunde 2018
Strategic games. Photo: Bart Groeneveld


About 60 teachers in mathematics and 50 high school students attended the Leve de Wiskunde! congress.

The congress was opened by Eric Opdam and lectures were given by Han Peters: ‘Een dronkemanswandeling op de schijf’, Guido Schäfer: ‘Is it smart to be strategic?’, Sam van Gool: ‘Alle wegen leiden naar automaten’ and Jan-Pieter Dorsman: ‘De ketting van Andrej Markov en haar toepassingen’.

Congress organisers Sonja Cox and Guus Regts developed ‘strategic games’ that were actively played by the teachers and students during the breaks.

About Leve de Wiskunde!

Leve de Wiskunde! is a yearly mathematical congress on actual developments in mathematics organised by the University of Amsterdam for teachers in mathematics.

Impression Leve de Wiskunde 2018
Photo: Bart Groeneveld