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General Mathematics Colloquium

Lectures in 2020-2021

Lectures in 2020-2021





17 Sept. Joris Mooij UvA - KdVI Different ways to learn causal relations from data
1 Oct. Jo Elllis-Monaghan UvA - KdVI Combinatorial, topological, and computational approaches to DNA self-assembly
14 Oct.   Diletta Martinelli UvA - KdVI A gentle introduction to the Minimal Model Program 
11 Nov.  Krystal Guo UvA - KdVI Quantum walks: linear algebra, graphs, and quantum computing
26 Nov. Tim van Erven UvA - KdVI

Online Convex Optimization: From Proving Minimax Theorems to Training Machine Learning Models by Playing Repeated Games

3 Feb. Eni Musta UvA - KdVI Statistical methods for survival data: accounting for cured patients
17 Feb. Anurag Bishnoi TU Delft Subspace coverings with multiplicities 
17 March Victoria Hoskins Radboud University

The geometry and cohomology of moduli spaces of vector bundles

31 March Mikhail Isachenkov UvA - KdVI A glimpse into the conformal bootstrap program
14 April Alessandro Zocca VU University Power grids as stochastic networks: emergent failures and mitigation strategies
12 May Aida Abiad Monge TU/e

Neumaier graphs with few eigenvalues