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Awards and Prizes


  • Dr Jan Brandts: The Honorary Medal for Mathematics of the Czech Mathematical Society in Prague
  • Prof. Gerard van der Geer: Honorary Doctorate from Stockholm University, Sweden



  • Dr Arnoud den Boer: INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section Prize for his papers (joint with B. Zwart) on simultaneously learning and optimizing selling prices from accumulating data
  • Madelon de Kemp MSc: ASML Graduation Prize for Mathematics for her research ' Robust Appointment Scheduling and Sequencing for Many Patients'



  • Prof. Lex Schijver: EURO Gold medal 2015
  • Dr Nanang Susyanto: Best Student Paper at WIC symposium  for his paper 'Semiparametric Score Level Fusion: Gaussian Copula Approach', co-authored with C.A.J. Klaassen, R.N.J. Veldhuis, and L.J. Spreeuwers
  • Dr Botond Szabó: Willem R. van Zwet Award for this thesis ' Adaptation and confidence in nonparametric Bayes'
  • Dr Gerard Alberts, SIGCIS Michael S. Mahoney Prize for the paper When Technology Became Language: The Origins of the Linguistic Conception of Compter Programming, 1950-1960' (together with David Nofre and Mark Priestley)


  • Dr Neil Walton: 'Best Paper' at the ACM Signmetrics 2014. Title of the paper: 'Concave switching in single and multihop networks'


  • Dr Miranda Cheng: Prime d'excellence scientifique du CNRS, CNRS France.
  • Dr Pavel Zorin-Kranich: Stieltjes Prize for the best PhD thesis of 2013 entitled: 'Ergodic theorems for polynomials in nilpotent groups'


  • Prof. Lex Schrijver: Honorary doctorate from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary.
  • Prof. Rob Stevenson: paper: 'Optimality of a standard adaptive finite element method', Found. Comput. Math. 7(2), 245-269 (2007) was identified by as the Fast Moving Front paper in Mathematics of January 2011


  • Dr Peter van Heijster: The Stieltjes Prize for the best PhD Thesis of 2009 entitled: 'Front Interactions in a Three-Component System'