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General Mathematics Colloquium

Lectures in 2014-2015


 Lecturer  Affiliation  Title
10 June Arie Peterson UvA - KdVI The moduli space of K3 surfaces and its Kodaira dimension 
3 June Federico Camia VU Limit Theorems and Random Fractal Curves in Statistical Mechanics 
20 May Martijn Kool UU Enumerative geometry: from Ancient Greeks to Modern Physicists
13 May Andrei Marshakov Lebedev Institute of Physics, Moscow Cluster varieties and integrable systems
22 April Sonja Cox UvA Numerical simulations for stochastic PDEs
8 April Marc Veraar TU Delft A new approach to maximal regularity for parabolic PDEs.
11 March Han Peters UvA A polynomial map with wandering Fatou components.
25 Feb.  

Maarten Solleveld 

 RU Weyl groups, the Springer correspondence and their affine versions
11 Feb.   David Holmes UL Complexity of rational solutions to polynomial equations

03 Dec.  

 Bas Kleijn

UvA Consistency and testability

19 Nov.   

Ionut Marcut


An invitation to Poisson geometry

17 Sep.  

Oliver Fabert


Hamiltonian dynamics and complex geometry

03 Sep. 

Lenny Taelman


Arithmetic geometry through point counting sequences