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General Mathematics Colloquium

Lectures in 2015-2016

Date Lecturer Affiliation Title
22 June Tiziano Squartini IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca Networks reconstruction: applications from economics and finance
15 June Steffen Sagave RU Algebra of structured ring spectra
1 June Frank Redig TU Delft Ergodic theory  of the symmetric inclusion process
18 May André Ran VU Eigenvalue perturbation theory of classes of structuredmatrices under generic structured rank one perturbations 
4 May Peter Hochs RU Index theory and representations
20 April Erik Koelink RU Matrix-valued orthogonal polynominals
6 April Jan-Pieter Dorsman KdVI Analysis of optical fibre networks with a void-avoiding schedule
9 March Suzanne Sniekers VUMC

An overview of statistical methods in genetics

24 Feb. Klaas Slooten NFI Forensic genetics
10 Feb. Viresh Patel UvA Quasi-Ramsey problems
16 Dec.  Rob v.d. Vorst VU Symplectic diffeomorphisms in dimension 2 and discrete braid invariants
02 Dec. Bert Zwart CWI Diffusion approximations of Bandwidth Sharing Networks
04 Nov. Cor Kraaijkamp TU Delft Subtractive algorithms 
21 Oct. Iris Smit UvA - KdVI Understanding wandering domains in several complex variables
14 Oct. Asma Khedher UvA - KdVI Robustness of quadratic hedging strategies
7 Oct. Peter Stevenhagen UL Number fields and their invariants
9 sept. Arno Kret UvA - KdVI Integral points on Hilbert-Blumenthal varieties