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General Mathematics Colloquium

Lectures in 2016-2017

Date Lecturer Affilication Title
31 May Jason Frank UU A tangent space splitting method for data assimilation: shadowing and synchronization
26 April Erika Hausenblas  Montanauniversitaet Leoben

The non-linear Schroedinger equation driven by a Levy process

5 April Christian Schaffner UvA- ILLC

Homomorphic Encryption of Quantum Data

22 March Damaris Schindler UU Systems of quadratic forms
15 March Ezra Getzler  Northwestern University, USA Quasi-invertibility
8 March Jan Felipe van Diejen Universidad de Talca, Chile Bispectrality in Quantum Integrable Particle Systems and Special Functions
22 Feb. Barry Koren TU/e Computational Science for Energy
14 Dec. Dion Gijswijt TU Delft A solution to the cap set problem
30 Nov. Ross Kang IMAPP

A stronger version of the Erdős-Nešetřil conjecture

16 Nov. Svetlana Dubinkina UU Relevance of dynamical system properties in data assimilation
2 Nov. Arnoud den Boer UvA

Decision-based model selection

19 Oct. Roland van der Veen UL Polynomial time knot theory
5 Oct.

K.P. Hart

Jan v. Mill

TU Delft


The Katowice Problem

A short proof of Torunczyk’s characterization theorems

21 Sept. Joost Batenburg CWI Recent Trends in Tomography
7 Sept.  Gerard v.d. Geer KdVI Modular Forms for Genus Two