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General Mathematics Colloquium

Lectures 2001-2014







September 12, 2001

Erik Koelink

Delft University of Technology

Special functions, the quantum dynamical Yang-Baxter equation and dynamical quantum groups


September 19, 2001 (canceled)

Dennis Gaitsgory

Harvard University

An overview of the geometric Langlands conjecture.


September 26, 2001

Eva Hoogland

University of Amsterdam

A general picture of definability


October 10, 2001

Erik Balder

Utrecht University

New results in and applications of topological measure theory


October 17, 2001

Herman te Riele


On the distribution of class numbers of real quadratic number fields


October 24, 2001

Marc Yor

Université Paris VI & Paris VII

On W. Doeblin's sealed envelope deposited in the Academie des Sciences (Feb. 1940) about Kolmogorov's equation


October 31, 2001

Peter Paule

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

Computer Algebra and Combinatorics: MacMahon's Partition Analysis Revisited


November 7, 2001

Rene Schoof

Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Class numbers of cyclotomic fields


November 14, 2001

Arjan van der Schaft

Universiteit Twente

Hamiltonian formulation of network models of physical systems


November 21, 2001

Debby Lanser


Efficient numerical methods for atmospheric flow problems


November 28, 2001

Bernd Kuckert

University of Amsterdam

Thermodynamic equilibrium states of moving quantum systems


December 5, 2001

Roxana Ion


New Nonparametric Shewhart Control Charts and Sharp Chebyshev-Type Inequalities


January 9, 2002

Alexa van der Waall

Universiteit Utrecht

Lamé equations with finite monodromy


January 16, 2002

Stefan Steiner

University of Waterloo

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Industrial Problem Solvers
The Principles of Statistical Engineering


January 23, 2002

Ronald Meester

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

There is a phase-transition in the Bak-Sneppen evolution model


January 30, 2002

Kees Jan van Garderen

University of Amsterdam & University of Bristol

Statistical Geometry in Econometrics and the Exact Geometry of Explosive Autoregressive Models


February 13, 2002

Rob van der Vorst

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Georgiatech

Braids and differential equations


February 20, 2002

Oscar Lemmers

Umea Universitet

A decomposition problem in complex analysis


February 27, 2002

Peter van Emde Boas

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Imperfect Information Games; looking for the right model


March 6, 2002

Elham Izadi

Univ. of Georgia, Athens GA

On the cohomology of hypersurfaces with automorphisms


March 13, 2002

Gerard Helminck

University of Twente

Integrable hierarchies and flag varieties


March 27, 2002

Jeroen de Mast


Quality Improvement from the Viewpoint of Statistical Method


April 17, 2002

Paul Beneker


The Bergman space: strongly exposed points and the Bergman projection


April 24, 2002

Jan Willems

University of Leuven, RUG

The behavioral approach to systems and control


May 8, 2002

Klaas Landsman

University of Amsterdam

Quantization and the Baum-Connes conjecture


May 22, 2002

Peter Duren

Ann Arbor

Zeros of hypergeometric functions


May 29, 2002

Jan Karel Lenstra


Whizzkids: Two exercises in computational discrete optimization


June 19, 2002

Earl J. Taft

Rutgers University

Recursive Sequences and Combinatorial Identities









September 11, 2002

Peter Wakker

Universiteit van Amsterdam/Universiteit van Maastricht

How to Add up Uncountably Many Numbers? (Hint: Not by Integration)


September 25, 2002

Richard Cushman

Universiteit Utrecht

Geometric phases in the Euler top


October 2, 2002

David Iron

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Stability and dynamics of multi-spike solutions to a system of reaction-diffusion equations


October 9, 2002

Michael Müger

Universiteit van Amsterdam

From conformal to topological field theory: Equivariant results


October 16, 2002

Jan Willem Polderman

Universiteit Twente

A systems theoretic approach to list decoding of Reed Solomon codes


November 6, 2002

Wim Couwenberg

Reflexis/Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen

Diophantine equations after an idea of Lehman


November 13, 2002

Sander Zwegers

Universiteit Utrecht

Mock Theta Functions


November 20, 2002

Andries Lenstra

Eurandom/Universiteit van Amsterdam

On information bounds


December 4, 2002

Chris Stolk

École Polytechnique, Parijs

Inversion of seismic data in complex media


January 15, 2003

Bas Edixhoven

Universiteit Leiden

Counting solutions of systems of equations over finite fields


January 29, 2003

Andreas Weiermann

Universiteit Utrecht

Some Hardy Ramanujan style counting problems


February 5, 2003

Gerton Lunter

University of Oxford

Statistical alignment of biological sequences


February 12, 2003

Hans van Duijn

TU Eindhoven

Mathematical issues in density driven porous media flow


February 26, 2003

Mark Peletier

CWI/TU Eindhoven

Continuum modelling of lipid bilayers


March 12, 2003

Hessel Posthuma

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Quantization and Topological Quantum Field Theory


March 26, 2003

Ton Levelt

Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen

The other D.J. Korteweg: thermodynamics of binary mixtures


April 9, 2003

Remco Peters

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Some new insights into the volatility process


April 16, 2003

Peter Stevenhagen

Universiteit Leiden

Primes is in P


May 7, 2003

Rien Kaashoek

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

A lifting perspective to metric constrained interpolation


May 21, 2003

Floske Spieksma

Universiteit Leiden

Transient properties of random walk type processes


June 4, 2003

Michal Krížek

Academy of Sciences, Prague

From Fermat Numbers to Geometry










September 3, 2003

Hae-Won Uh

Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

Kernel deconvolution


September 10, 2003

Klaas Slooten

Universiteit van Amsterdam

A combinatorial generalization of the Springer correspondence for classical type


October 1, 2003

Benedikt Löwe

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Large Cardinals and Foundations of Mathematics


October 15, 2003

Bart de Smit

Universiteit Leiden

Escher and elliptic curves


October 29, 2003

Jaap Kaandorp

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Modelling Developmental Regulatory Networks


November 12, 2003

Wessel van Wieringen

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Statistical models for the precision of categorical measurement systems


November 26, 2003

Johan van de Leur

Universiteit Utrecht

KP and a discrete family of rational solutions of Painlevé VI


December 10, 2003

Gunther Cornelissen

Universiteit Utrecht

Chess- and switchboards in arithmetic geometry


January 14, 2004

Jan Wiegerinck

Universiteit van Amsterdam

A question about exp and what came out of it


January 28, 2004

Leen Stougie

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

A Linear Bound on the Diameter of the Transportation Polytope


February 11, 2004

Daniel Alpay

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Reproducing kernel spaces and the theory of linear systems


February 25, 2004

Paul Vitanyi


Statistics without probabilities (a la Kolmogorov)


March 10, 2004

Marius Crainic

Universiteit Utrecht

On rigidity results


March 17, 2004

John Kuiper

Universiteit Utrecht

Brouwer's road to intuitionism


March 24, 2004

Ute Ebert

CWI en TU Eindhoven

Branching sparks! -- sparking math?


April 7, 2004

Gerard Alberts

CWI and UvA

Aad van Wijngaarden and the ALGOL conspiracy - the battle on research agendas in computer science


May 12, 2004

Klaas Landsman

Universiteit van Amsterdam

The Atiyah-Singer index theorem


May 19, 2004

Misja Nuyens

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Queues, heavy tails and the Foreground-Background discipline


May 26, 2004

Odo Diekmann

Universiteit Utrecht

Population Dynamics, an impressionistic sketch









September 8

Philip Holmes

Princeton University

Optimal decisions: From neural spikes, through stochastic differential equations, to behavior

September 15

Daniel Grunberg

Max Planck Institut

The quintic's quintessence: from 0 to 2875 in 60 minutes

September 22

Jan van Mill

Vrije Universiteit

Erdös spaces

October 6

Gerard van der Geer

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Congruences between Modular Forms of Genus One and Genus Two

October 20

Bernard Nienhuis

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Connections between problems in combinatorics, statistical mechanics and algebraic geometry

November 3

Elena Mantovan


The role of the geometry of Shimura varieties in the Langlands program

November 17

Torsten Ekedahl

Stockholm University

Polynomials with simple ramification and some p-adic volumes

December 1

Robin de Jong


A potential problem on compact Riemann surfaces

January 12

Michel Mandjes

CWI and UvA

Large deviations for Gaussian queues
(different time: 16.00-17.00, different room: B.240)

January 26

Nguyen Huu Khanh


Global bifurcation to strange attractors in a thermal convection model

February 9

Jasper Stokman


Hecke algebras and integrable systems

February 23

Jan van Neerven

TU Delft

Stochastic integration in UMD-spaces

March 9

Robbert Dijkgraaf


String Theory and Melting Crystals

March 23

Harry Buhrman

CWI and UvA

Quantum Information Processing

April 6

Marco Martens


Is the www alive?

April 20

Jan Aarts

TU Delft

Is there a bronze number?

May 11

Nicolas Guay


Variations on a theme of Schur and Weyl

May 25

Charles Dunkl

University of Virginia

Nonsymmetric Jack Polynomials and Calogero-Moser Models

June 1

Gail Letzter

Virginia Tech

q special functions and quantum symmetric spaces

July 6

Paulus Gerdes


From the geometry of African sanddrawings to new symmetries and matrices








September 7

Dion Gijswijt

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Semidefinite programming and coding bounds

September 21

Margit Rösler

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Bessel convolutions on matrix cones

September 28

Lev Aizenberg

Bar-Ilan University

Classical results of Bohr and Rogosinski on power series and their multivariate analogs

October 5

Wolter Groenevelt

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Non-symmetric Wilson polynomials

October 12

Bernhard Krötz

Max Planck Institut, Bonn

The complex crown of a Riemannian symmetric space

October 19

Bas Kleijn

Vrije Universiteit

Complementarity and quantum measures

November 2

Torsten Wedhorn

Universität Bonn

Classification of varieties and the wonderful compactification

November 16

Jan Bouwe van den Berg

Vrije Universiteit

Braided solutions of differential equations

November 30

Jaap Top

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Real Cubic Surfaces

December 7

Frank van der Meulen

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Estimation for Lévy processes and induced OU-processes

February 8

Sem Borst

CWI/TUE/Bell Labs

Flow-level performance in wireless data networks

February 15

Christoph Schweigert

Universität Hamburg

Frobenius algebras, topological and conformal field theory

February 22

Irene Bouw

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf  

Teichmüller curves and triangle groups

March 1

Emanuel Diaconescu

Rutgers University

Gromov-Witten Theory, Localization, and Large N Duality

March 8

Ton Dieker


Extremes and fluid queues

March 22

Mats Gyllenberg

University of Helsinki

Dual semigroups and Volterra functional equations

April 5

Hans Schumacher

Universiteit van Tilburg

Complementarity modeling of nonsmooth dynamical systems

April 26

Patrick Dehornoy

Université de Caen

From sets to braids

May 17

Johan Grasman

Wageningen Universiteit

Exploring persistence in stochastic models of biological populations and its application in chemostats

May 24

Lex Schrijver


Tensors, Invariants, and Combinatorics








September 6

Alain Lascoux

Université de Marne-la-Vallée

Algebraic computations in several variables

September 20

Andrew Baker

University of Glasgow

Galois theory in a topological context

October 4

Erdal Emsiz

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Affine Weyl groups and integrable systems with delta-potentials

October 18

Alexis Kouvidakis

University of Crete

Symmetric products of curves and connections with the Nagata problem

November 1

Onno van Gaans

Universiteit Leiden

Invariant measures for infinite dimensional stochastic differential equations

November 22

Thijs Vermaat


Statistical Process Control in Non-Standard Situations

November 29

Joost Batenburg

Universiteit Antwerpen

Discrete tomography: exploiting the fact that nature is discrete

December 13

Björn Sandstede

University of Surrey

Dynamics of spiral waves

February 7

Jaap Korevaar

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Prime pairs and the zeta function

February 21

Arnoud van Rooij

Radboud Universiteit

p-adic analysis

February 28

Maarten Solleveld

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Periodic cyclic homology and non-Hausdorff spaces

March 14

Thomas Quella

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Supersymmetry, supergeometry and physics

March 28

Antonios Zagaris

CWI / Universiteit van Amsterdam

Attracting invariant manifolds for systems with multiscale dynamics

April 25

Pieter Collins


Computable Analysis and Verification of Nonlinear Systems

May 2

Rob van der Waall


1939-2004 : the development of classifying finite groups by means of n-isoclism of groups

May 30

Nitin Saxena


Isomorphism Problems and Cubic Forms Equivalence

June 6

Yde Venema


Completions of lattice ordered algebras








September 5

Harrie Willems


Wolfgang Doeblin, A Mathematician Rediscovered

September 19

Jonas Bergström


Counting points over finite fields and cohomology

October 3

Frank den Hollander

Universiteit Leiden

Random walk in random scenery

October 17

André Henriques

Universiteit Utrecht  

The string group

October 31

Ronald Cramer


Computing in the dark using algebraic geometry

November 14

Fokko van de Bult


Hyperbolic Hypergeometric Functions

November 28  

Simon Ruijsenaars

University of Leeds

Integrable systems, analytic difference equations, special functions, Hilbert space: On the crossroads

December 12

Rob Stevenson


Adaptive wavelet methods for solving high dimensional PDE's

February 6

Nicolai Reshetikhin

UC Berkeley / UvA

On the Kasteleyn's solution of dimer models

February 20

Jochen Heinloth


An introduction to some aspects of the (geometric) Langlands program

March 5

Hicham Zmarrou


Dynamics and bifurcations of random circle diffeomorphisms

March 19

Monique Laurent


Real Solving Polynomial Equations with Semidefinite Programming

April 2

Rens Bod


Mathematical Universals in Music CANCELLED

April 16

Frits Beukers

Universiteit Utrecht

Algebraic hypergeometric functions

May 14

Dietrich Notbohm

Vrije Universiteit

Combinatorics of simplicial complexes and Stanley-Reisner algebras from a topological point of view CANCELLED

May 28

Kareljan Schoutens


Quantum hard squares, supersymmetry, and combinatorics








September 3

Sergey Shadrin


Operads, PROPs, and graph complexes

September 17

Tilman Bauer

Vrije Universiteit

Finite loop spaces

October 1

Walter van Suijlekom

Radboud Universiteit

The structure of perturbative quantum gauge theories

October 15

Hessel Posthuma

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Index theory from the point of view of quantum mechanics

October 29

Bert Zwart


Fluid and diffusion approximations of bandwidth sharing networks

November 12

Bas Spitters

Radboud Universiteit

A computer-verified implementation of Riemann integration - an introduction to computer mathematics

November 26

Jonas Hartwig

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Generalized Weyl algebras

December 10

Robin de Vilder

Universiteit van Amsterdam

The causes and effects of the credit crisis    (download sheets)

January 21

Lawrence Zalcman

Bar Ilan University

Picard Theorems 1879-2009

February 4

Said El Marzguioui

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Fine aspects of pluripotential theory

February 18

Sabir Gusein-Zade

Independent University of Moscow

Poincare series of multi-index filtrations and their generalizations.

March 4

Kostas Skenderis


Holography and Mathematics

March 18

Harry van Zanten

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Prior and Posterior Stochastic Differential Equations

April 1

T.A. Springer

Universiteit Utrecht

On the work of Jacques Tits

April 15

Sebastian van Strien

University of Warwick

Games, Fictitious play and Chaos 4pm room P.017 !

April 29

Manfred Lehn

Universität Mainz

Holomorphic symplectic varieties.

May 13

Rob van der Waall


On the life and work of John Griggs Thompson Location: room A1.04, Science Park

May 27

Sander Bais

UvA (Institute for Theoretical Physics)

The physics of quantum groups and their breaking Location: room A1.04, Science Park








September 2

Han Peters


Non-negative polynomials constant on a hyperplane

September 16

Stefan Kolb


Weyl group combinatorics and quantum groups

September 30

Remco van der Hofstad

TU Eindhoven

Critical behavior in inhomogeneous random graphs

October 14

Eduard Looijenga

Universiteit Utrecht

Some highlights of the work of Mikhail Gromov, Abel laureate of 2009

October 28

Henk Nijmeijer

TU Eindhoven

The electronic brain: does it synchronize?

November 11

Kees Oosterlee

TU Delft / CWI

The Heston model with stochastic interest rates and pricing options with Fourier-cosine expansions

November 25

Rob de Jeu

Vrije Universiteit

What is known about K2 of curves?

December 3

Christoph Schwab

ETH Zürich

Finite Element Methods for PDEs with Stochastic Coefficients (Odd room, day and time: A1.06, Thursday, 15:00 - 16:00)

December 9

Gunnar Klau


Combinatorial optimization and algorithmics for disease classification

February 3

Rob van der Vorst

Vrije Universiteit

Closed characteristics on non-compact manifolds

February 17

Frank Redig

Radboud Universiteit

Duality and bosonic particle systems

March 3

Urs Schreiber

Universiteit Utrecht

Differential geometry in an ∞-topos

March 17

Eric Cator

TU Delft

The Hammersley interacting particle process

March 31

Vivi Rottschäfer

Universiteit Leiden

Formation of singularities in natural systems

April 14

Tamás Hausel

Oxford University

Arithmetic harmonic analysis on character varieties

April 28

Jason Frank


A thermostat model for unresolved dynamics

May 19

Marjan Sjerps


Forensic Statistics: recent developments and brand new plans

May 26

Alessandra Palmigiano


Dualities for noncommutative spaces

June 17

Matthias Kreck

HIM, Bonn

Codes, Arthmetic and Manifolds (Odd time and day: Thursday 14:30-15:30!)








September 1

Roland van der Veen


Knot invariants: from the Jones polynomial to hyperbolic geometry (Odd room and time: C1.112, 11:00 - 12:00 !)

September 8

Peter Grünwald


Statistics without Stochastics

September 22

Gert Vegter

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Geometric Approximation

October 6


no colloquium this week

October 20

Eric Verlinde


Emergence of Gravity

November 3

Jan Draisma


Finiteness results in statistics using algebra

November 17

Jan Pieter van der Schaar

UvA (KdVI)

Cosmological inflation - Theory and Observations

December 1

Jan Brandts

UvA (KdVI)

Numerical Analysis meets Geometry: Acute and Nonobtuse Simplicial Partitions.

February 23

Tanja Eisner

UvA (KdVI)

Arithmetic progressions via ergodic theory.

March 2

Christoph Thiele

UCLA / U Bonn

Carleson's theorem, variations and applications.

March 9

Sindo Nunez Queija


Resource allocation in resource-sharing networks

March 23

Alexander Schönhuth


Complete identification of binary-valued hidden Markov processes

April 6

Neil Walton

UvA (KdVI)

Insensitive, maximum stable allocations converge to proportional fairness

April 20

Mai Gehrke

Radboud Universiteit

Profinite algebras as dual spaces

April 27

Joop Kolk

Universiteit Utrecht

Hans Duistermaat: the Man and his Mathematics

May 4

Lenny Taelman


Believing in the Kummer-Vandiver conjecture

May 11

Thomas Ward

University of East Anglia

Group automorphisms from a dynamical point of view








September 7

Wil Schilders

TU Eindhoven

Model Order Reduction: mathematical methods and applications

September 21

Igor Stojkovic

TU Delft

Gradient Flows, Product formulas, and Maximal Monotone Operators in Metric Spaces

October 5

Karen Aardal

TU Delft and CWI

Uncapacitated facility location: a problem we "almost" understand

October 12

Lars Diening

Universität München

A decomposition technique for John domains

October 19

Fokko van de Bult


A Mendeleev table for classical orthogonal polynomials: Obtaining the q-Askey scheme using elliptic hypergeometric functions

November 2

Karma Dajani

Universiteit Utrecht

Two special invariant ergodic measures for random beta transformations (Room D1.110)

November 16

Tanja Lange


Advances in Elliptic-Curve Cryptography (Room D1.110)

November 30

Wieb Bosma

Radboud Universiteit

Some intriguing aspects of continued fractions (RoomG5.29)

December 14

Martijn Pistorius

UvA / Imperial College

Optimal dividend distribution in the presence of a penalty (RoomG5.29)

February 1

Bart Vlaar


Non-symmetric particle creation operators for the quantum nonlinear Schrodinger model (RoomC1.112 )

February 15

Krzysztof R. Apt


Choosing Products in Social Networks (Room C1.112)

February 29

Gil Cavalcanti


Generalized geometry and T-duality ( Room C1.112)

March 14

Bert Zwart


An encounter with Erlang, Gauss, Poisson and Ramanujan ( Room C1.112)

March 28

Evgeny Verbitskiy


Dimers, sandpiles and algebraic dynamics (Room C1.112)

April 11

Jose Blanchet

Columbia University.

Modeling and Efficient Rare Event Simulation of Systemic Risk in Insurance-Reinsurance Networks (Room C1.112)

April 18

Estate Khmaladze

Victoria, University of Wellington.

One approach to differentiation of set-valued functions and its applicatons to spatial statistical problems (Room C1.112)

April 25

Hans Maassen


Quantum information, probability, and statistics. (Room C1.112)

May 9

Harrie Willems


Late Style - Yuri Manin Looking Back on a Life in Mathematics: A film by Agnes Handwerk and Harrie Willems (Room C1.112)

May 23

Hans Zwart

University of Twente

Linear port Hamiltonian Systems (Room C1.112)









September 5

Sameer Murthy


Mock theta functions and their appearance in physics (Room C1.112)


September 19

Ragnar Sigurdsson

University of Iceland

Growth estimates of entire functions and Paley-Wiener theorems (Room C1.112)


October 3rd

Koen De Turck

University of Gent

Poisson's equation for Markov chains and its use in perturbations (Room C1.112)


October 17th

Mehdi Tavakol

University of Amsterdam

Intersection theory on moduli spaces of curves. (Room C1.112)


October 31st

WONDER-Afternoon at CWI

University of Amsterdam and CWI

Wonder-afternoon. (CWI, room Z009 )


November 14th

David F. Anderson

University of Wisconsin Madison

Stochastic models of biochemical systems. (Room C1.112)


November 28th

Bob Rink

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Coupled cell networks: semigroups, Lie algebras and normal forms (Room C1.112)


February 6th

Jop Briët

CWI Amsterdam

Grothendieck's inequality for quantum entanglement and combinatorial optimization (Room C1.112)


February 20th

Daan Crommelin

CWI Amsterdam

Stochastic representation of unresolved scales in atmosphere models (Room C1.112)


March 6th

Arthemy Kiselev

University of Groningen

On the geometry of the Batalin-Vilkovisky Laplacian (Room C1.112)


March 20th

Roland van der Veen

University of Amsterdam

Knots, representations and some physics (Room C1.112)


April 3th

Monique Laurent


Positive semidefinite matrix completion and geometric graph realizations (Room C1.112)


April 17th

Raf Bocklandt

University of Amsterdam

A noncommutative glance through the mirror (Room C1.112)


May 15th


(Room C1.112)


May 29th

Tobias Mueller

Utrecht University

Logic and random graphs (Room C1.112)









September 19

Hitoshi Murakami

Tokyo Institute of Technology

A survey of the volume conjecture and its generalization. (Room C1.112)

October 3

Harry van Zanten


The mathematics of nonparametric Bayesian statistics (Room A1.04)

October 24

Benno van den Berg (ILLC)


Nonstandard analysis and proof theory (Room C0.110)

November 21

Sander Dahmen


Diophantine problems and the modular method (Room C1.112)

December 5

Angela Ortega

Humboldt Universität

Prym-Tyurin varieties (Room G2.13)

Feburary 5

Miranda Cheng


Mock Modular Forms, Niemeier Lattices, and Umbral Moonshine (Room B0.201 )

Feburary 19

Guus Regts


Partition functions of edge- and vertex-coloring models: characterizations and connections to invariant theory and Hilbert spaces ( B0.201 )

March 5

Fabian Ziltener


Coisotropic Submanifolds of Symplectic Manifolds, Leafwise Fixed Points, and a Discontinuous Capacity ( B0.201 )

March 19

Rob van der Mei


Towards a unifying theory on polling models: new results and challenges ( B0.201 )

April 2

Teun Koetsier and Jan van Mill


Irmgard Gawehn and the topological classification of manifolds. An attempt at rehabilitation. ( SP C1.112)

April 23

Lex Schrijver



May 28

Mingmin Shen


Differential equations from an algebraic point of view (Room C1.112 )