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Grants 2011


  • Dr. Jan Brandts (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'Nonobtuse and acute simplices and trangulations'
  • Prof.dr. Gerard van der Geer (KdVI): NWO-VC: project 'Geometry of the moduli spaces of K3 surfaces'
  • Dr. André Heck(KdVI): SURFfoundation ONBETWIST, project 'ONBETWIST: ONderwijs verBETeren met WISkunde Toetsen'
  • Prof.dr. Michel Mandjes (KdVI): SURFnet-2011.
  • Prof.dr. Michel Mandjes (KdVI): AgentschapNL CAD.
  • Prof.dr. Eric Opdam (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'A topological viewpoint on integrable hierarchies associated to Frobenius manifolds'
  • Prof.dr. Eric Opdam (KdVI): GQT Colloquia, workshops and guests
  • Dr. Han Peters (KdVI): Conferentie Amsterdam
  • Prof.dr. Sergey Shadrin (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'Intersection theory of the moduli space of curves'
  • Prof.dr. Marjan Sjerps (KdVI): NWO-FS, project 'Combining evidence in legal (forensic) casework'
  • Prof.dr. Marjan Sjerps (KdVI) en Peter Schoenmaker (HIMS): NWO-FS COMFOR, project 'COMFOR: The use of comprehensive two-dimensional chromatographic methods for chemical profiling of complex natural materials'
  • Prof.dr. Rob Stevenson (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'Adaptive solution methods for first order system least squares'
  • Prof.dr. Jasper Stokman (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'Double affine Hecke algebras, integrable models and enumerative combinatorics'