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Grants 2012

  • Dr. Gerard Alberts (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'From criticism to methodology: Dutch reflections on science and society 1926-1970'

  • Dr. Tanja Eisner-Lobova (KdVI): NWO VIDI, project 'Problems of multiple ergodic theorems'

  • Dr. Tanja Eisner-Lobova (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'Problems in polynomial multiple recurrence'
  • Prof. dr. Gerard van der Geer (KdVI): NWO-DFG, 'Moduli and automorphic forms:arithmatic and geometric aspects' 
  • Prof.dr. Chris Klaassen (KdVI): NWO-FS (FFR), project 'Forensic face recognisiton'
  • Prof.dr. Michel Mandjes (KdVI): SURFnet 2012.
  • Prof.dr. Ben Moonen (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'Arithmic and motivic aspects of the kuga Satake construction'
  • Prof.dr. Sindo Núñez Queija (KdVI/CWI): NWO STARTRAC, project 'Stochastic analysis of read traffic STARTRAC'
  • Dr. Hessel Posthuma (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'Fundamental properties of integrable hierarchies of topological type'
  • Dr. Hessel Posthuma (KdVI): NWO-GQT, project 'Index theory in representation theory'
  • Prof. dr. Sergey Shadrin (KdVI): NWO VICI grant, project 'Geometry of moduli spaces and integrable hierarchies'
  • Dr. Ronald van der Veen (KdVI): NWO VENI, project 'Geometry of quantum knot invariants'
  • Dr. Neil Walton (KdVI): NWO VENI, project 'Queuing theory with less assumptions'
  • Prof.dr. Harry van Zanten: NWO VICI, project 'Foundations of nonparametric Bayes procedures'