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Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Eric Opdam

Programme Leader: prof.dr. Eric Opdam

The barycentre of the programme lies in the dynamic area of mathematics where algebra and geometry are in strong interaction. One part of the dynamics of this area comes from new developments in pure mathematics, the other from developments in mathematical physics, especially string theory, which has supplied a new intuition for developing mathematical ideas. The programme covers a wide area ranging from algebraic and arithmetic geometry, harmonic analysis on algebraic groups and random matrix theory to integrable systems and string theory. Instead of listing the sub-disciplines involved, the programme can better be described by two unifying characteristics. The first is the interplay of algebra and geometry. The second is the fact that many developments in sub-fields of our theme, such as quantum groups, moduli spaces, non-commutative geometry, were inspired or influenced by recent developments in mathematical physics, while intuition from physics is partially used as a tool to develop mathematics. Core areas are Algebraic Groups, Algebraic Geometry, Quantum groups and String Theory.



  1. Algebra and Geometry; project leaders: Prof. dr. L.D.J. (Lenny) Taelman and  Prof.dr. E.M. (Eric) Opdam.
  2. Mathematical Physics; project leaders: Prof.dr. E.M. (Eric) Opdam and Prof. dr. S.V. (Sergey) Shadrin.
  3. Discrete Mathematics; project leader: Prof. dr. A. (Lex) Schrijver.


Programme members

Staff: Prof.dr. E.M. (Eric) Opdam, Prof.dr. N.Y. (Nicolai) Reshetikhin, Prof.dr. A. (Lex) Schrijver, Prof.dr. S.V. (Sergey) Shadrin, Prof.dr. J.V. (Jasper) Stokman, Prof.dr. L.D.J. (Lenny) Taelman, Prof.dr. T.Y. (Tim) Dokchitser, Dr. R.R.J. (Raf) Bocklandt, Dr. C.N. (Miranda) Cheng, Dr. A.L. (Arno) Kret, Dr. V.S. (Viresh) Patel, Dr. M. (Mingmin) Shen, Dr. H.B. (Hessel) Posthuma, Dr. G. (Guus) Regts, Dr. M. (Michael) Walter.

Temporary staff: Dr. C.D. (Chris) Lazda, Dr. S. (Steffen) Löbrich, Dr. N. (Niek) de Kleijn.

PhD Students: K.S. (Kayed) Al-Qasemi, MSc, W.P. (Wessel) Bindt, MSc,  S.J. (Sam) van den Brink, MSc, F. (Francisco) Hernández Iglesias, MSc, J. (Jeroen) Huijben, MSc,  B.A. (Bjarne) Kosmeijer, MSc, R. (Reinier) Kramer, MSc, J.D.C. (Jasper) van de Kreeke, MSc, B.M.(Bart) Litjens, MSc, R. (Renjie), Lyu, MSc, S.C. (Sven) Polak, MSc, Z.A. (Zoë) Schroot, MSc, F.J.M. (Fabian) Stroh, MSc, F.G. (Freek) Witteveen, MSc, Z. (Zijian) Zhou, MSc.

Guests: B. (Bas) Dirkse, MSc, Dr. Y. (Yongqi) Feng, Dr. G.F. (Gerard) Helminck, Dr. H.G.J. (Henk) Pijls, Dr. D. (Dee) Roytenberg, Dr. R.W. (Rob) van der Waall.

Emeriti: Prof.dr. G.B.M. (Gerard) van der Geer, Prof.dr. J.D.M. (Hans) Maassen, Prof.dr. J. (Jan) van Mill.