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A team of UvA and VU students of the master Computer Science succeeded in accessing the digitale archives of the Amsterdam Digital City, from its first years of existence 1994-1996, and getting the software operational. The results of this spectacular project will be presented in the Amsterdam Museum, Thursday, 30 June. Mathematician Gerard Alberts of the UvA coordinated this project.

Project DDS 3.0. Image: UvA

Amsterdam started its internet life in 1994 in its own particular way, as the community De Digitale Stad (DDS). In 1996 DDS made a full back-up, The Freeze, in view of future historical research. That is now. A team of 8 students of the Master Computer Science  succeeded in accessing the old files. Like in a digital Pompeji, the visitor can once more wander through the  squares, and  cafés and take the metro of De Digitale Stad. Creating an account will produce a vintage ‘avatar’.

One time demonstration

This is made possible again, in pricniple: the students created a working demo. There will be a one time demonstration, next Thursday, June 30, at the Amsterdam Museum.  In fact there are two demo's: DDS 3.0 is the vintage software from 1996 resuscitated with minor adaptations to the present day hardware; DDS 4.0 performs the same function as the old software, but is programmed completely new, in order to meet the present requirements of stability and security. DDS 4.0 is an emulation in service of the project t ‘DDS herleeft’ by the Amsterdam Museum, De Waag Society, UvA and Beeld en Geluid. Later this year, visitors will fully enable walks through this digital Pompeji.

The team

‘DDS 3.0 operational’ is a special project of UvA and VU, done by: Ronald Bethlehem, Robert Jansma, Thomas Koch, Millen Mortier, Kishan Nirghin, Tim Veenman, Randy de Vries, Marc Went and Gerard Alberts of the Korteweg de Vries Institute (UvA).


Amsterdam Museum, Auditorium,
Kalverstraat 92
Thursday, June 30, 2016, 14:00- 16.00


Read more on the website of the Amsterdam Museum