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Together with researchers from the University of Queensland and the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, mathematician Michel Mandjes has received a Discovery Grant from the Australian Research Council amounting to €400,000.

Michel Mandjes Korteweg de Vries Institute
Michel Mandjes. Photo: JW Steenmeijer

Their research is entitled 'Time Consistency, Risk-Mitigation, and Partially Observable Systems' and focuses on the management of systems that can be only partially observed. An example of such a system is the coordination of traffic flows in a network, where traffic intensity is regularly measured at different points. The research considers the following issues:

  • How often and where should measurements be taken?
  • How should one account for changing traffic characteristics?
  • How can congestion phenomena be prevented from spreading across the network?

The project group consists of mathematicians from the University of Queensland, the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai and the University of Amsterdam. It is part of a long-term and successful collaboration between these universities. The subsidy will be used to appoint doctoral researchers at the University of Queensland, who will be carrying out research in which the UvA is also involved.


The ARC Discovery Grant supports excellent research, with an emphasis on supporting and maintaining the research network of Australian researchers with their colleagues abroad. There is a strong affinity between the theme of the allocated project and the research area of the Dutch NETWORKS Gravitation programme, of which the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics is the coordinator.

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