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Sinds 2002 werkzaam bij bibliotheken van de universiteit van Amsterdam, daarvoor in Ecuador bij proyecto Paramo. 

Scifinder Statistics

Every month CAS offers us to download very usefull and detailed Scifinder statistics. The IPDetail file is a comma-separated values (CSV) file. It has 10 columns (March 2012) with use(r) information. Most useful data is the date, time, minutes used (or busies) and login id (or one of the other unique user identifiers like e-mail address etc.)
The file logs the start date and start time of the user and the minutes of Scifinder use.
The next step in analyzing the log file is converting the user data into a time series.Conversion of the non-equally spaced values of the log into a list based on equally spaced timevalues (minutes) and number of concurrent users (and busies).
The program we use is available at the bottom and iscalled:
"SF IPDetail converter"
Use the original IPDetail csv provided by cas for download.
You will get:
Two files and a graph.
File A: detail concurrent user file
File B: converted ipdetail file
Graph : visual representation of file A. Flot jquery library is used to draw the data.


The above graph is based on the converted data in the IPDetail file. The graph is generated with Flot, a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery. The date-time x-values are unix timestamps (micro seconds), the y-axis are the number of simultaneous (concurrent) users.
File A:
A list of unixtimestamps followed with the number of concurrent users and number of busies:
timestamp;concurrent users;busies
timestamp:             the number of seconds elapsedsince midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of Thursday, January 1, 1970
                              1291171080 = Wed, 01 Dec 2010 02:38:00 GMT
concurrent users: number of concurrent users
busies:                'access denied' number of simultaneous users exceeded limit
File B:
Is a file like the original file. The main differences are the start and end time in unix timestamp. Those timestamps are easier to work with especially in combination with file A.
YYYY-MM-DD;hh:mm;minutes;unix timestamp start;unix timestamp end;ip number;alias;name;e-mail;host;minutes2
In the above minutes is twice listed. The first one unaltered, minutes and busies. The second altered, the busies are replaced by 0.
Do not open the IPDetail csv with excel or other spreadsheet as this may change the content and will cause an error while importing it.

enkele site's

De site over Cajas, een prachtig natuurpark in Ecuador:




  • Abcouwer, K. M. (2015). VU-UvA affiliatie strategie en internationale Universiteitsranglijsten. Amsterdam: FWNI-UvA. [details] 


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