Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics



  • Dr. Sonja Cox: NWO VENI grant, project: 'Numerical approximation of nonlinear stochastic PDEs'
  • Dr. AndrĂ© Heck (KdVI): Erasmus+ VITAL, project 'Visualisation tools and analytics to monitor online language learning & teaching'
  • Dr. Han Peters (KdVI): NDNS+.
  • Dr. Guus Regts: NWO VENI grant, project: 'Graph limits and partition functions of edge-coloring model'
  • Prof.dr. Marjan Sjerps (KdVI): NWO NICAS: project 'Value of evidence'


  • Dr. Miranda Cheng: ERC Starting Grant, project 'Moonshine and String Theory'
    Prof. Daan Crommelin (KdVI and CWI), Prof. Harry van Zanten (KdVI) and prof. Michel Mandjes (KdVI): grant in the NWO programme 'Mathematics of Planet Earth'
  • Dr. Hessel Posthuma (KdVI): NWO TOP, project 'The Noncommunicative geometry of symmetries'
  • Prof.dr. Lenny Taelman: NWO VIDI, project 'Cohomological methods for function field arithmetic'
  • Prof.dr. Harry van Zanten (KdVI): NWO, project 'Mahtematics of planet Earth'



  • Prof.dr. Michel Mandjes (KdVI):  grant of 22.7 million euro for the Networks programme under the Gravitation (Zwaartekracht) programme of the Minister for Education, Culture and Science. Mandjes is heading a consortium for the Networks programme in which eleven researchers from UvA, CWI, TU/E and Leiden University participate. One of the co-applicants is Prof. dr. Lex Schrijver.
  • Prof.dr. Michel Mandjes (KdVI): SURFnet-2013.
  • Prof.dr. Lex Schrijver (KdVI): ERC ADG AFMIDMOA, project 'Applying Fundamental Mathematics in Discrete Mathematics, Optimization and Algorithmics'
  • Prof.dr. Rob Stevenson (KdVI): NWO-VC, project 'Discontinuous Petrov Galerkin discretizations of convection diffusion equations'

We refer to our annual reports for information about other projects funded by NWO or industry.

Published by  Korteweg de Vries Institute

21 January 2016