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  • Reshetikhin, N., Stroppel, C., & Webster, B. (2012). Schur-Weyl-type duality for quantized gl(1|1), the Burau representation of Braid groups, and invariants of tangled graphs. Progress in Mathematics, 296, 389-401. DOI: 10.1007/978-0-8176-8277-4_16  [details] 
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  • Reshetikhin, N. Y. (2010). Topological quantum field theory: 20 years later. In A. C. M. Ran, H. te Riele, & J. J. O. O. Wiegerinck (Eds.), European Congress of Mathematics, 14-18 July, 2008 (pp. 333-377). (ECM Books). Amsterdam: ECM.
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  • Reshetikhin, N., Semenov-Tian-Shansky, M., & Takhtajan, L. (2017). L.D. Faddeev: (March 23, 1934 - February 26, 2017). International Association of Mathematical Physics (IAMP) News Bulletin, (October 2017), 29-45. [details] 


  • Reshetikhin, N. Y. (2011). The harmony of mathematics and physics. (Oraties). Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Journal editor

  • Reshetikhin, N. Y. (member of editorial board) (2001-2018). Letters in Mathematical Physics (Journal).
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