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prof. dr. M.J. (Marjan) Sjerps

Faculty of Science
Korteweg-de Vries Instituut
Photographer: xxx

Visiting address
  • Science Park 107
  • Room number: F3.26
Postal address
  • Postbus 94248
    1090 GE Amsterdam
  • Publications




    • Alberink, I., Bolck, A., Sjerps, M., & Vergeer, P. (2017). Comment to “A guideline for the validation of likelihood ratio methods used for forensic evidence evaluation”. Forensic Science International, 276, 154. [details]
    • Leegwater, A. J., Meuwly, D., Sjerps, M. J., Vergeer, P., & Alberink, I. (2017). Performance Study of a Score-based Likelihood Ratio System for Forensic Fingermark Comparison. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 62(3), 626-640. [details]
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    • de Zoete, J., Sjerps, M., & Meester, R. (2017). Evaluating evidence in linked crimes with multiple offenders. Science & justice, 57(3), 228-238. [details]


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    • Sjerps, M. J., Alberink, I., Bolck, A., Stoel, R. D., Vergeer, P., & van Zanten, J. H. (2016). Uncertainty and LR: to integrate or not to integrate, that’s the question. Law, probability and risk, 15(1), 23-29. [details]
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    • de Zoete, J., Vriend, K., Dolman, M., Meester, R., & Sjerps, M. (2014). Het gebruik van schakelbewijs; juridische en kans-theoretische gezichtspunten. Expertise en Recht, 2014(5), 153-167. [details]


    • Haraksim, R., Meuwly, D., Doekhie, G., Vergeer, P., & Sjerps, M. (2013). Assignment of the evidential value of a fingermark general pattern using a Bayesian network. In A. Brömme, & C. Busch (Eds.), BIOSIG 2013: proceedings of the 12th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group : 04.-06. September 2013 in Darmstadt, Germany (pp. 99-109). (GI-Edition : Lecture notes in informatics ; Vol. 212). Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik. [details]


    • Berger, C. E. H., & Sjerps, M. J. (2012). Discussion paper: Reaction to Hamer and Thompson in LPR. Law, probability and risk, 11(4), 373-375. [details]
    • Bolck, A., Stoel, R., Alberink, I., & Sjerps, M. J. (2012). LR models for evidence evaluation. Chinese Journal of Forensic Sciences, 4, 28-42. [details]
    • Sjerps, M. J., & Berger, C. E. H. (2012). How clear is transparent? Reporting expert reasoning in legal cases. Law, probability and risk, 11(4), 317-329. [details]
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    • van der Beek, C. P., Kloosterman, A. D., & Sjerps, M. J. (2011). De detectie van vals positieve en de preventie van vals negatieve matches bij grootschalige DNA-databankvergelijkingen. Expertise en Recht, 2011(6), 219-221. [details]


    • Harris, H. A., Sjerps, M. J., Kloosterman, A. D., Quak, A., & Geradts, Z. J. (2014). Framework for Registration, Classification, and evaluation of errors in the Forensic DNA Typing Process. Proceedings of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, 20, 19. [W13]. [details]


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    • Sjerps, M., & Berger, C. (2011). Het Bayesiaanse model biedt een helder zicht op een complexe werkelijkheid. Den Haag: Nederlands Forensisch Instituut. [details]


    • Sjerps, M., & Kloosterman, A. (2010). Het gebruik van Bayesiaanse netwerken in de forensische (DNA-)statistiek. Ars Aequi, 59(7), 502-508. [details]
    • Sjerps, M., Kloosterman, A., & van der Beek, K. (2010). De interpretatie van een DNA-databankmatch. Delikt en Delinkwent, 40(2), 138-155. [details]


    • Stols-Witlox, M. J. N., Sjerps, M. J., Hendriks, E., Wallert, A., van Tilborgh, J. L., de Zoete, J. C., & Hermens, E. (2016). Scientific Reasoning in Art: Evaluating Evidence in Paintings Research using a Bayesian Approach. Poster session presented at NICAS 2016 projects presentations, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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