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  • Prof. Sergey Shadrin: NWO TOP1 grant, project: 'Algebraic methods and structures in the theory of Frobenius manifolds and their applications'
  • Dr Sonja Cox and Dr Asma Khedher: NWO Cluster PhD position (STAR), project: 'Infinite-dimensional affine and polynomial preserving processes'
  • Prof. Jasper Stokman and Prof. Nicolai Reshetikhin: NWO Cluster PhD position (GQT), project: 'Harmonic analysis on affine symmetric pairs and boundary correlation functions'
  • Dr Arno Kret: NWO Cluster PhD position (Diamant), project: 'Zeta functions of the Newton strata of Shimura varieties'
  • Prof. Michel Mandjes: Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, project: 'Time Consistency, Risk-Mitigation, and Partially Observable Systems'
  • Dr Michael Walter: NWO VENI grant, project: 'Quantum bits in space and time'
  • Prof. Nicolai Reshetikin: NSF - FRG, project: ‘Homotopy Renormalisation of Topological Field Theories’
  • Prof. Daan Crommelin, EU H2020 FET-HPC, project 'Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications' (VECMA)
  • Dr Jan Brandts: The Honorary Medal for Mathematics of the Czech Mathematical Society in Prague
  • Prof. Gerard van der Geer: Honorary Doctorate from Stockholm University, Sweden