Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics




  • Dr Han Peters and Dr Guus Regts: NWO TOP1 grant, project: 'Methods from complex dynamics for locating zeros of graphs polynomials'
  • Dr Miranda Cheng: NWO VIDI grant, project: 'Moonshine in String Theory'
  • Dr Mingmin Shen: NWO VIDI grant, project: 'Algebraic or not?'
  • Prof. Lenny Taelman: NWO TOP1 grant, project: 'Geometry and arithmetic beyond Shimura varieties'



  • Prof. Sergey Shadrin: NWO TOP1 grant, project: 'Algebraic methods and structures in the theory of Frobenius manifolds and their applications'
  • Dr Sonja Cox and Dr Asma Khedher: NWO Cluster PhD position (STAR), project: 'Infinite-dimensional affine and polynomial preserving processes'
  • Prof. Jasper Stokman and Prof. Nicolai Reshetikhin: NWO Cluster PhD position (GQT), project: 'Harmonic analysis on affine symmetric pairs and boundary correlation functions'
  • Dr Arno Kret: NWO Cluster PhD position (Diamant), project: 'Zeta functions of the Newton strata of Shimura varieties '
  • Prof. Michel Mandjes: Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, project: 'Time Consistency, Risk-Mitigation, and Partially Observable Systems'
  • Dr Michael Walter: NWO VENI grant, project: 'Quantum bits in space and time'



  • Dr Viresh Patel: NWO TOP grant, project: 'Hamilton cycles in sparse graphs'
  • Prof. Rob Stevenson: NWO TOP grant, project: 'New challenges in adaptivity'
  • Dr Arno Kret: NWO VENI grant, project: 'Hidden symmetries between prime numbers'
  • Dr Han Peters: NWO TOP II grant, project: 'Non-wandering domains in higher dimensions'
  • Dr Mingmin Shen: NWO TOP II grant, project: 'Geometry of hyperk√§hler manifolds'


  • Dr Sonja Cox: NWO VENI grant, project: 'Numerical approximation of nonlinear stochastic PDEs'
  • Dr Andr√© Heck: Erasmus+ VITAL, project: 'Visualisation tools and analytics to monitor online language learning & teaching'
  • Dr Han Peters: NDNS+.
  • Dr Guus Regts: NWO VENI grant, project: 'Graph limits and partition functions of edge-coloring model'
  • Prof. Marjan Sjerps: NWO NICAS: project: 'Value of evidence'


  • Dr Miranda Cheng: ERC Starting Grant, project : 'Moonshine and String Theory'
  • Prof. Daan Crommelin (KdVI and CWI), Prof. Harry van Zanten (KdVI) and Prof. Michel Mandjes (KdVI): grant in the NWO programme 'Mathematics of Planet Earth'
  • Dr Hessel Posthuma: NWO TOP, project: 'The Noncommunicative geometry of symmetries'
  • Prof. Lenny Taelman: NWO VIDI, project: 'Cohomological methods for function field arithmetic'
  • Prof. Harry van Zanten: NWO, project: 'Mathematics of planet Earth'



  • Prof. Michel Mandjes:  grant of 22.7 million euro for the NETWORKS programme under the Gravitation (Zwaartekracht) programme of the Minister for Education, Culture and Science. Mandjes is heading a consortium for the NETWORKS programme in which eleven researchers from UvA, CWI, TU/E and Leiden University participate. One of the co-applicants is Prof. Lex Schrijver.
  • Prof. Michel Mandjes: SURFnet-2013.
  • Prof. Lex Schrijver: ERC ADG AFMIDMOA, project: 'Applying Fundamental Mathematics in Discrete Mathematics, Optimization and Algorithmics'
  • Prof. Rob Stevenson: NWO-VC, project: 'Discontinuous Petrov Galerkin discretizations of convection diffusion equations'

We refer to our annual reports for information about other projects funded by NWO or industry.

Published by  Korteweg de Vries Institute

3 October 2018