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The Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics (KdVI) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is running a prestigious PhD programme with a high success rate for its students. The educational programme includes some course work, seminars, colloquia and visits to relevant Summer Schools.​

Research training

The student takes part in a current research project headed by senior researchers of the KdVI, thus having all the advantages of this flourishing scientific community. The emphasis of the PhD programme lies on training the student to become an independent researcher. Part of the research training may be in the framework of WONDER, the Dutch Research School in Mathematics.

Find research projects

The doctorate

Our research training is aimed at obtaining the PhD degree, usually at the University of Amsterdam. For obtaining the doctorate you have to submit a PhD thesis. After approval of the thesis by a committee, specially assigned for the occasion, you are admitted to the defense of the thesis, a very ceremonial and public event. During 45 minutes questions posed by the committee have to be answered by the candidate. Read further information at the UvA webpage.

Three kinds of PhD students

There are three ways of becoming a PhD student at KdVI:

  1. You get hired by the KdVI as a PhD employee (employed promovendus, a so-called aio).
    More information about becoming a PhD student as an employee
  2. You apply to KdVI and get accepted as a PhD student without employment.
    More information about becoming a PhD student without employment
  3. You apply to KdVI and get accepted as PhD student at a distance.
    More information about becoming a PhD student at a distance

Important!   Work permit for non-EU students

If you are not from an EU country, becoming a PhD student at the KdVI – both as an employee (option 1) and as a fee-paying student (option 2) – involves the application for a work permit. In order to be eligible for a work permit you will need to prove that you will earn a certain minimum amount of money. The minimum monthly amount which is required is € 1264,80 (gross). If you have a position as an aio (option 1), this is no problem. Otherwise, you can meet this requirement either because you have an appropriate grant from your home country or by providing proof of personal savings. For further information see the NUFFIC webpage via the link below.

For general information on immigration procedures for academic visitors, please see the relevant NUFFIC page.