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The barycentre of the Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics research programme at KdVI lies in the dynamic area of mathematics where algebra and geometry are in strong interaction.
Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Programme leaders


L-R: Prof. dr. Jasper Stokman (Lie theory). Photo: Dirk Gillissen. Prof. dr. Lenny Taelman (Algebraic Geometry). Photo: Dirk Gillissen.Prof. dr. Eric Opdam (Representation theory). Photo: Bob Bronshoff. Prof. dr. Sergey Shadrin (Mathematical Physics). Photo: Jeroen Oerlemans.
From left to right: Prof. dr. Jasper Stokman (Lie theory), Prof. dr. Lenny Taelman (Algebraic Geometry), Prof. dr. Eric Opdam (Representation theory) and Prof. dr. Sergey Shadrin (Mathematical Physics). Photos by (L-R): Dirk Gillissen, Dirk Gillissen, Bob Bronshoff and Jeroen Oerlemans.

About the programme

The disciplinary basis of this programme is broad, with the three main pillars roughly defined as algebraic geometry, representation theory and mathematical physics, and their interactions. In more detail, the research focus areas within the programme cover arithmetic, algebraic and non-commutative geometry, Lie theory, algebraic groups, representation theory, integrable systems and mathematical physics.

There is a very good sense of community in the programme, reflecting the fruitful interplay of the research focus groups mentioned above. The programme also maintains intensive collaboration with theoretical physics through joint appointments and joint projects. Together with the Institute for Theoretical Physics Amsterdam (ITFA) and the programme Discrete Mathematics and Quantum Information, the high-level double Master’s programme Mathematics and Theoretical Physics is maintained by this programme.

The coherence and interaction within the group is further facilitated by the part-time appointment of two renowned leading experts in their respective fields: prof. Reshetikhin has a part time appointment as professor in geometry and quantum theory, and prof. Dokchitser is professor by special appointment in computer algebra. 

Overview of projects:


Programme members