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On June 25th the KdVI Teaching Awards Ceremony took place. The ‘gouden krijtjes’ were awarded to Han Peters for best lecturer and to Lucas Riedstra for best assistant teacher.

han peters lucas riedstra
Han Peters (left) and Lucas Riedstra (right).

During the ceremony Eric Opdam expressed his admiration for the hard work of all KdVI lecturers in corona times, and especially for the programme directors Chris Zaal and Jan Brandts. Also he acknowledged that it is difficult for students to stay motivated and work hard. Despite this many students cast a vote for their favourite lecturers.

Han Peters' teaching seems not to be affected by the online challenge since 'Despite everything being digital now, Han Peters' lectures are still great to watch and listen to. His enthusiasm, patience, and accuracy don't even seem to have been affected a bit by the quarantine crisis.' Also he is praised for 'talking passionately, explaining the material very clearly and being very involved with his students and their progress within the subject and study.'

Lucas Riedstra is characterised as being 'extremely friendly, social and  a good tutorial teacher. People fail to go to their own tutorials to attend his tutorials because Lucas is so good.' Furthermore, 'He really is a top teacher who does his utmost, and always succeeds, to give clear explanations and to keep a nice atmosphere in the seminar.'

The other nominated candidates were Raf Bocklandt and Guus Regts (lecturers) and Edward Berengoltz and Wouter Rienks (assistant teachers).

Appreciation for good education

The Mathematics Education Committee has, in collaboration with the Korteweg-de Vries Institute, taken the initiative to organise this yearly prize to express their appreciation for teachers who excel in their educational tasks.  Moreover, this award highlights the option of becoming a teacher to the students and in this way stimulates good education and strong commitment of students to education.