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General Mathematics Colloquium

Lectures in 2017-2018





27 Sept. Liron Ravner KdVI, UvA Equilibrium arrival times to a congested queue
11 Oct. Eric Bedford Stony Brook University Complex dynamics in higher dimension
25 Oct. Peter Bruin Leiden University

Rational points on elliptic curves

8 Nov. Jop Briët CWI Codes, Szemerédi's theorem and upper tails
22 Nov. Sander Dahmen VU Amsterdam

Diophantine equations: the modular method and more

6 Dec.

Botond Szabó

Leiden University

An asymptotic analysis of nonparametric divide-and-conquer methods


7 Feb. Erdal Emsiz Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Discrete Fourier transform and quadrature rule associated with Bernstein-Szegö polynomials

8 March Martina Chirilus-Bruckner Leiden University Dynamics of fronts in a multi-component reaction-diffusion system: when Takens-Bogdanov meets a butterfly catastrophe
21 March Michael Walter KdVI, IILC, IoP, CWI Invariant theory and quantum information
11 April Peter Buergisser TU Berlin No occurrence obstructions in geometric complexity theory
18 April Chenyang Xu Beijing International Center of Mathematical Research Moduli spaces of higher dimensional varieties
  2 May Stella Kapodistria Eindhoven University of Technology Decision making under uncertainty

17 May

Leo van Iersel Delft University of Technology Reconstructing phylogenetic trees and networks
13 June Tim Dokchitser University of Bristol, KdVI Models of curves