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General Mathematics Colloquium

Lectures in 2019-2020

Lectures in 2019-2020





4 Sept. Steffen Müller University of Groningen Computing rational points on curves using p-adic analysis
18 Sept. Jaron Sanders TU Eindhoven Clustering in Block Markov Chains
2 Oct. Paulo de Andrade Serra TU Eindhoven Dimension Estimation using Random Connection Models
16 Oct. Bruno Belhoste Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Imagination and geometry: the case of Monge
30 Oct. Guido Schäfer CWI, VU Computing Efficient Nash Equilibria in Congestion Games
27 Nov. Johannes Schmidt-Hieber University of Twente

Towards a statistical foundation of deep learning

5 Feb. Charles Vial Bielefeld University Algebraic tori attached to algebraic varieties
4 March David de Laat Delft University of Technology

Sphere packing and semidefinite programming

10 March Pierre Berger Université Paris-Sorbonne Emergence of wild dynamics
25 March Cole Franks MIT Rigorous Guarantees for Tyler’s M-estimator via Quantum Expansion
20 May Kathlén Kohn Stockholm Invariant theory and scaling algorithms for maximum likelihood estimation
17 June Anna Seigal Oxford Structured Tensors and the Geometry of Data