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Daan Crommelin interviewed in the podcastseries ' The follower of fascinations'

In the podcastseries 'The follower of fascinations' Judith Lengkeek interviews scientists about the role of curiosity and fascination in their work.

Prof Daan Crommelin

In this episode, Daan Crommelin is interviewed on the occasion of the Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE-NL) meeting “Extreme events”, organized by Dr Petra de Bont (NWO), Dr Amber Kerkhofs (NWO), Prof. Daan Crommelin (KdVI & CWI) and Prof. Jason Frank (Utrecht University).

In addition, Daan Crommelin talks about modeling the atmosphere or the ocean, the influence of image resolution on the calculations, the use of data, and how attention could be paid to these kinds of subjects at secondary schools.