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Management and support staff

Management team

Prof. dr. E.M. (Eric) Opdam

Director and Programme leader Algebra, Geometry & Mathematical Physics

Prof. dr. R.P. (Rob) Stevenson

Programme leader Numerical Analysis

Prof. dr. M.R.H. (Michel) Mandjes

Programme leader Stochastics

Prof. dr. S. (Sergey) Shadrin

Programme leader Mathematical Physics

Dr. C.G. (Chris) Zaal

Programme director Bachelor Mathematics

Dr. J.H. (Jan) Brandts

Programme director Master Mathematics

Dr. ing. M. (Marieke) Kranenburg

Institute manager

Support staff

Ms E. (Evelien) Wallet


Drs. T. (Tiny) Dekker


Ms A. (Anita) van der Laan

Secretary (Mastermath)