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Jacob de Zoete makes mathematics more sexy

On 22 November 2016, Jacob de Zoete received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam. With his thesis ‘Combining Forensic Evidence’ de Zoete shows that mathematics and statistics don't need to be boring but can open doors to more sexy subject areas by showing the importance of mathematics in forensic research.

Jacob de Zoete. Photo Uva.

At first sight mathematical models don’t seem to have a lot to do with forensic research. Most of us find mathematics a boring subject that should be forgotten about after secondary school.

When we watch television we can’t imagine that forensic researchers need mathematicians. Most of the time, when the DNA is found the case is solved. But what in the case of identical twins or when multiple DNA profiles are blended? Statistics in forensic institutes determine the value of forensic evidence.

On 22 November de Zoete was interviewed by the 'Noordhollands Dagblad' on this subject.