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General Mathematics Colloquium

Biweekly on Wednesdays, 16:00-16:45 hours


  • Dr Krystal Guo,
  • Dr Eni Musta,
  • Dr Jeroen Zuiddam,

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Lectures in 2021-2022





13 Oct. Janusz Meylahn UvA - KdVI Algorithmic collusion with multi-agent learning
27 Oct. Jeroen Zuiddam UvA - KdVI

Asymptotic Spectra and Applications

10 Nov. Edwin van Dam Tilburg University Unit gain graphs and lines in complex space with few angles
24 Nov. Frank Pijpers UvA - KdVI

Networks, contagion spreading & reproduction numbers

2 Feb.  Laura Sanita TU/e On the Simplex method for 0/1 polytopes
16 Feb. Jop Briët CWI Structure-versus-randomness in combinatorics and complexity
16 March Felix Wierstra UvA - KdVI Algebraic structures in topology
5 April Avi Wigderson IAS, Princeton Randomness – the Utility of Unpredictability
13 April Marta Pieropan UU Rational points on Fano varieties 
29 April Max Welling UvA How GNNs and Symmetries can help to solve PDEs
11 May Han Peters UvA - KdVI The relevance of the Mandelbrot set in combinatorics, statistical physics, and computational complexity theory
25 May Emma Brakkee UvA - KdVI Moduli spaces: "counting" in and outside algebraic geometry
7 June Luca Avena  LEI A randomized k-centrality measure & applications to networks node immunization

Recordings of the lectures are available here for anyone with a UvA account