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General Mathematics Colloquium

Biweekly on Wednesdays, 16:00-16:45 hours
Science Park 105-107 (NIKHEF-building)

Room F3.20
1098 XG Amsterdam
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  • Dr Jan-Pieter Dorsman,
  • Dr Mingmin Shen,
  • Dr Viresh Patel,


Lectures in 2020-2021





17 Sept. Joris Mooij UvA - KdVI

Different ways to learn causal relations from data

1 Oct. Jo Elllis-Monaghan UvA - KdVI Combinatorial, topological, and computational approaches to DNA self-assembly
14 Oct. Diletta Martinelli UvA - KdVI A gentle introduction to the Minimal Model Program 
11 Nov. Krystal Guo UvA - KdVI Quantum walks: linear algebra, graphs, and quantum computing
26 Nov. Tim van Erven UvA - KdVI

Online Convex Optimization: From Proving Minimax Theorems to Training Machine Learning Models by Playing Repeated Games

3 Feb. Eni Musta UvA - KdVI

Statistical methods for survival data: accounting for cured patients

17 Feb. Anurag Bishnoi TU Delft  
3 March TBA