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General Mathematics Colloquium

Biweekly on Wednesdays, 16:00-16:45 hours
Science Park 105-107 (NIKHEF-building)

Room F3.20
1098 XG Amsterdam
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  • Dr Jan-Pieter Dorsman,
  • Dr Mingmin Shen,
  • Dr Viresh Patel,


Lectures in 2019-2020





4 Sept. Steffen Müller University of Groningen Computing rational points on curves using p-adic analysis
18 Sept. Jaron Sanders TU Eindhoven Clustering in Block Markov Chains
2 Oct. Paulo de Andrade Serra TU Eindhoven Dimension Estimation using Random Connection Models
16 Oct. Bruno Belhoste Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Imagination and geometry: the case of Monge
30 Oct. Guido Schäfer CWI, VU Computing Efficient Nash Equilibria in Congestion Games
27 Nov. Johannes Schmidt-Hieber University of Twente

Towards a statistical foundation of deep learning

5 Feb. Charles Vial Bielefeld University Algebraic tori attached to algebraic varieties
4 March David de Laat Delft University of Technology

Sphere packing and semidefinite programming

10 March Pierre Berger Université Paris-Sorbonne Emergence of wild dynamics
25 March Cole Franks MIT Rigorous Guarantees for Tyler’s M-estimator via Quantum Expansion
20 May Kathlén Kohn Stockholm Invariant theory and scaling algorithms for maximum likelihood estimation
17 June Anna Seigal Oxford Structured Tensors and the Geometry of Data

Lectures 2018-2019

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